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GST Officer in Ghaziabad Caught Taking Bribe on Camera: Exploitation of Traders

Ghaziabad. Amidst the strict GST regulations, the exploitation of traders has reached its peak. A shocking video has surfaced in which GST Inspector Vikul from Division-6, Range-28 Vaishali, Ghaziabad, is seen taking a bribe of ₹2000 for a new GST registration. Not only that, Vikul demanded an additional ₹3000 and threatened to withhold the registration if the amount was not paid.

The situation became even more severe when it was revealed that a few days earlier, GST Superintendent Anupama had also demanded ₹9000 from the same office, out of which ₹2000 had already been paid. Anupama then sent her inspector Vikul, who, before arriving, had demanded money and chicken over the phone. Vikul also insisted on paying his driver, who was also given money online.

This corruption came to light when Abhimanyu Singh, the proprietor of Krikso Health Corporation, recorded these incidents on video. When the video of the officials taking bribes and eating chicken reached them, the officials hastily completed the GST registration and informed about it.

This is not the first case of GST officials illegally extorting money from traders in Ghaziabad. New entrepreneurs are being threatened with registration cancellation for minor mistakes, with demands ranging from ₹5000 to ₹20,000. This illegal extortion involves officials from the lowest to the highest levels.

This issue has become a major concern for traders and is now spreading anger among the public. Abhimanyu Singh has decided to publish this video in Abhivarta newspaper and on so that this news reaches the Honorable Chief Minister, Prime Minister, Finance Minister, and other relevant authorities.

We appeal to you to share this video and news as much as possible so that strict action can be taken against these corrupt officials and justice can be served to the traders.


Abhi Varta
Author: Abhi Varta

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