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Breaking News: Deadly Bomb Blasts Strike Balochistan Ahead of Pakistan Elections

Tragedy struck in the Pakistani province of Balochistan as two bomb explosions near candidates’ offices rocked the region, leaving at least 28 dead and dozens injured on the eve of the general elections.

The first blast claimed 16 lives in Pishin district, followed by a second explosion in Qila Saifullah that left 12 dead. The attacks, for which no group has claimed responsibility yet, add to the violence and claims of poll-rigging that have marred the electoral process. Former PM Imran Khan’s absence due to a ban on contesting further intensifies the political turmoil. Balochistan’s volatile history and struggles for autonomy underscore the complexity of the situation. Stay tuned as authorities investigate the cause of these devastating blasts amidst heightened tensions in the region.

Abhi Varta
Author: Abhi Varta

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