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Maharashtra Police Boosts Shah Rukh Khan’s Security Amidst Death Threats Following ‘Jawan’ Release

MUMBAI: Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been granted enhanced security under the Y+ category by the Maharashtra police due to a series of death threats he has received following the release of his recent film, ‘Jawan.

This heightened security detail comprises a team of 11 personnel, including six highly trained commandos, as well as a dedicated police escort vehicle. It is noteworthy that Khan himself has graciously accepted the responsibility of covering the expenses associated with this security arrangement.

The decision to elevate the security measures around the actor was reached during a high-powered committee meeting held last week. Concerns over Khan’s safety have been mounting in recent times, making it essential for authorities to step in and provide him with the protection he deserves.

Shah Rukh Khan’s contribution to the Indian film industry has made him not only a national but also an international icon. His latest project, ‘Jawan,’ has garnered significant attention and acclaim, but with fame also comes an unfortunate increase in the number of threats and risks.

The Maharashtra police, in cooperation with Khan’s own efforts, are determined to ensure his safety and well-being, allowing him to continue to delight his fans with his stellar performances while feeling secure in his daily life.

As the nation closely watches the developments surrounding Shah Rukh Khan’s security, it serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by public figures in the entertainment industry.

Abhi Varta
Author: Abhi Varta

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